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5 Best Quiet Spa Pump Picks for Your Hot Tub

quiet spa pump

Looking for the best quiet spa pump for your hot tub?. Perfect, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • What a spa pump is
  • How does a hot tub pump work?
  • Our top-rated quietest hot tub pump picks
  • How to choose a quiet hot tub pump
  • And more…

quiet spa pump

Quick Preview of the  Top-Rated Quiet Spa Pumps

In a hurry?. I understand. Here is an overview of the quietest hot tub pumps to give you the peace of mind you need while you enjoy your hot bath.

  1. Waterway Executive 56 Frame 5HP 230V Spa Pump
  2. KL KEY Lander 1.5HP 48 Frame Hot Tub Spa Pump
  3. Watkins OEM Silentflo CIRC Pump
  4. Superior 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Utility Pump
  5. Waterway Executive 4HP 56 Frame 230V Spa Pump

The hot tub pump is one of its most important components. This is because it enables the water to keep circulating through the system.

Without a proper functioning hot tub pump, the water stays still. Pumps also power the jets which are a big part of your relaxing experience.

However, the pumps require maintenance to ensure they are working properly. A faulty spa pump can make a lot of noise that will interfere with your relaxation.

Sometimes the pump can create a lot of problems or stop working altogether, in many cases it’s more cost-effective to buy a new quiet model.

Here, I have done deep research and curated some of the best quiet hot tubs pumps to help you make an informed decision.

However, keep in mind that different types of pumps exist and not every single one will fit your spa. Be sure to cross-check with your existing pump to choose the best spa pump for your hot tub.

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What is a Hot Tub Pump and How Does It Work?

Hot tub pumps are an essential part of your spa. Most hot tubs have two separate pumps, for circulation and jet power, even some models have up to three jet pumps!.

These pumps power the jets by pulling water through a filter and then pushing it out of the jets.

Circulation pumps pull water through a separate filtration system, treat it with UV light, heat it up, and push perfectly warmed, crystal-clear water back into the hot tub.

So how does a hot tub pump work? The pump works to circulate the water in the hot tub. The water will circulate through the filter, the heater, and the jets. Some hot tubs have two pumps with one for filtering at lower speed and one sending water at high speed through the jets.

This high-speed water through the narrow jets creates the pressure you enjoy. The pump is powered by a motor. This power turns the impeller which moves that water. The water is pushed in one direction toward the jets.

Best Quiet Spa Pumps

Hot tub pumps are an essential part of the hot tub and a noisy hot tub pump can ruin your experience.

That is why when shopping, you need to get a quiet hot tub pump that will work efficiently and stay quiet when operating. This way, you enjoy yourself without creating unnecessary noise.

Here are five hot tub pumps/motors to consider that are perfect for controlling noise as much as possible.

1). Waterway Executive 56 Frame 5HP 230V Spa Pump

This Waterway executive 56 frames 5hp 230V spa pump is very efficient and versatile enough for different hot tubs.

It has a 56 frame motor and two double-shielded ball bearings with moisture-resistant grease for quieter operation and longer life.

The two-speed motor has four sets of insulated windings for high performance.

Waterway Executive 56 Frame 5HP 230V Spa Pump

When this pump starts, the noise level is minimal. It may run a little louder than some people prefer but when it’s fixed well inside the tub cabinet, the noise level dramatically reduces and won’t pose a problem to many people.

The flow rate is at 220 gallons per minute and it is quite simple to operate.

The only downside is that the motor is not completely enclosed. There is a wet and dry end that needs to be used correctly to prevent damage.

It has a large 2 ½” intake for improved flow performance and reduced noise and a large 6 ½” diameter wet end for higher head pressure.

There is a split capacitor, (start and run) that ensures this pump is energy efficient. Plus, it also has thermal protection to extend the life span of the motor.

2). KL KEY Lander 1.5HP 48 Frame Hot Tub Spa Pump

This 1.5HP  spa pump has a 48 frame motor with two speeds. This easy-to-connect pump has 115V input that delivers 10.3 amp on high speed and 3.8 amp on low speed.

It has gone through extensive testing and is certified by UL, CUL, and ETL. So, if you are concerned about safety, you have little to worry about its quality.
KL KEY Lander 1.5HP 48 Frame Hot Tub Spa Pump
 But as it is with every hot tub pump, make sure it is the right fit for your tub, before you purchase it.
The capacity has also been tested strictly and it is waterproof, has high pressure and has also passed the hot water test.
It is also resistant to high /low temperatures, corrosion and generally reliable for performance.
But best of all the anti-creep bearing with high-temperature grease oil ensures it operates quietly.

3). Watkins OEM Silentflo CIRC Pump

This new SilentFlo E5 circulation pump replaces all previous versions of single-speed and two-speed circulation pumps.
This SilentFlo E5 replaces the Watkins SilentFlo 5000 and all previous circulation pumps on all Hot Spring, Tiger River, and Limelight spa models from 1986 to 2018.
Watkins OEM Silentflo CIRC Pump
Since its introduction in 2008, it has gone through a couple of revisions to make sure it’s best suitable for your hot tub.
It is compact in design and has flexible positioning which can be mounted vertically on the sidewall of the equipment compartment.
This product is backed by a manufacturer’s 12-months warranty.

4). Superior 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Utility Pump

This pump is a bit different from the other pumps mentioned above. This is the most affordable hot tub pump in this guide. It can handle 1800 gallons per hour, while there are other options available for different horsepower.
Superior 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Utility Pump
This pump fits any drain holes between 1 inch and 1.25 inches. It’s portable, easy to install, and get it to work in no time.

Some people might not have much use for a portable pump, but it’s nice to have in a sticky scenario. Maybe it is used as a replacement, or it could be used as just an option to have if there are any tough times.

This pump noise level is low because of its small size. The noise level is further reduced thanks to its ability to completely submerse in water.

When not in use, it turns off automatically and that helps in saving energy.

5). Waterway Executive 4HP 56 Frame 230V Spa Pump

This Waterway executive spa pump has slightly lower horsepower than the one model mentioned above. This model has 4.0 horsepower but it very powerful hot tub pump for the price.

This pump comes with a 56 frame motor which has a double-shielded ball bearing. This makes it a durable pump that is meant to last a long time.

Waterway Executive 4HP 56 Frame 230V Spa Pump

This also has simple wiring that makes it easy to set up. Even though it has two speeds, which makes people think it is noisy, it is on the contrary a quiet spa pump.

There is also a large 6.5-inch diameter wet end for higher head pressure. Utilizing a split capacitor, (start and run) for less energy consumption, a highly versatile wet end can also be rotated every 90 degrees. With Viton seals on its design, it is also thermally protected to extend the life expectancy of the motor.

How to Choose the Quietest Hot Tub Pump

It’s important that you know the specs of the pump which came with the tub.

There will usually be a label on the side which states horsepower, the number of speeds, flow, intake and discharge diameter, and other useful information.

If you can’t find it, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them about it.

This information is important so you can compare and get a compatible pump.

In general, the more horsepower and higher speed the better, but your hot tub piping can be a limiting factor for this.

For your selected pump to work properly with your hot tub, it should be similar or same specs as the existing pump on your tub.

If you have enough money, invest in the best spa pump model for your tub, it will last a long time. Very cheap pumps exist, but they may not be durable in the long run.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a quiet spa pump for your tub.

Noise Level

Hot tubs are meant to give you a lot of benefits like relieving stress, pain, losing weight, socializing, etc. However, some hot tubs can make a lot of noise especially if you like using them at the night especially in a quiet neighborhood.

The noise from the tub can travel across a lot of blocks and you don’t want angry neighbors. Therefore, since the spa pump is one of the noisiest components in the hot tub, it’s important to get a quiet one that will enable you to enjoy your hot baths even at night or early dawn.

Most hot tubs produce between 41 and 67 decibels of airborne noise. 41 decibels is only as loud as the average library, so this shouldn’t cause any problems if you have a quiet spa pump.

Speed and Flow

Hot tub pumps have two varieties; they can have two operating speeds or just one. The two-speed pump has a low and high setting, and they are used for both water circulation and powering the jets.

With the single-speed pump, it creates a constant flow, in this case, there are usually two pumps in the hot tub, one for circulation and a stronger one for the jets.

The pump flow is very important because it tells you the amount of water that goes through the pump discharge and it is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The higher this number, the more powerful the pump is.

Usually, the smaller hot tub pumps are used for circulation and have around 30 GPM, while the stronger pumps are used to power the jets and can even have more than 200 GPM.

Energy Efficiency

If your hot tub is powered by electricity, then you need to check how efficient the pump is. Modern pumps are made to be more energy-efficient, this means they can get more done with less power.

Wet and Dry Ends

A hot tub pump has two main parts. There is the dry end and the wet end. The dry end part must remain dry at all times and any exposure to moisture will cause a hazard.  This part is where the electromotor is located.

The wet part on the other hand has the impeller. A shaft connects it to the electromotor, and the impeller blades run the water through the system when the pump is turned on.  If this part encounters any problem, there will be circulation issues in the hot tub.


The horsepower can make a significant difference in terms of performance. This shows how much power the pump has. The horsepower for tubs ranges from 1HP to 5HP.

However, it is important to always get a pump similar to the current one. What’s the point of getting the strongest pump when your plumbing won’t be able to support it.


Pumps come with either a 110V-120V with two wires or 220V-240V  with four wires. There are also universal pumps that can be connected to either one. This is something you have to keep in mind when shopping otherwise, you won’t be able to run it.


The place where the water exists is can the discharge port. The part can be located on the top or on the side depending on the pump type.

This is important to consider because this will enable you to connect the pump properly to the tub water system.  some of the best hot tub pumps will even allow you to rotate the discharge and place it the way you like it.

Frame Size

Spa pumps come in two frames (48 frames and 56 frames). You need to pick one frame that will fit well in the existing frame. Otherwise, the wrong frame will create vibrations, noise and it may even malfunction after some time.

The size of the frame is usually printed on the label. If it is not there, then you measure the distance between bolts it’s under 4 inches then you should buy a 48.

On the other hand, if the distance is over 4 inches, then you should buy a 56.

Pump Plumbing Size

The plumbing is already in place in your tub, and the size and design will determine how strong your new pump can be. This depends on the tub type and manufacturer.

Your new pump should not be more than 1hp above the current pump. Overloading the plumbing can interfere with the tub operation.

Final thoughts on Quiet Spa Pumps

shopping for the quietest hot tub pump can be a tedious task. But there is not more important than having your peace of mind in a relaxing bath.

You want to be able to enjoy your spa or hot bath without hearing annoying sounds and vibrations from the tub. A noisy hot tub pump can get you, angry neighbors.

So, it’s good to invest in a hot tub pump that has low noise of operation to help you enjoy your hot tub in peace.

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