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Can You Put a Dog on a Trampoline?

can you put a dog on a trampoline

If you’re asking yourself whether you can put a dog on a trampoline, then you have come to the right place. In this helpful guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Can you put a dog on a trampoline?
  • Do dogs like trampolines?
  • Is there a dog-proof trampoline?
  • How to teach a dog to jump on a trampoline
  • What is a trampoline bed for a dog
  • Do dogs like trampoline beds?
  • The top-rated trampoline beds for dogs

Can You Put a Dog on Trampoline?

Yes. You can put a dog on a trampoline. This has to be done with care. Some dogs will like it if you put them on the trampoline and may even refuse to come off because they are having a lot of fun on it.

can you put a dog on a trampoline

Other dogs too may not enjoy it because they get scared to be on it. For such dogs, you have to keep them off trampolines in order not to make them traumatized.

They may get hurt psychologically if you forced them to walk or even jump on a trampoline.

Do Dogs Like Trampolines?

Dogs do like trampolines. But not all dogs do. Some dogs like running and jumping on it but not all dogs. However, the information we gathered has shown that more dogs like being on a trampoline than those that don’t.

But one main thing to look out for when your dog is on the trampoline is to make sure they don’t jump and land wrongly. This can result in injury. Dogs don’t have knowledge of how to jump right.

They can hurt their legs, and backs or even fall off the trampoline if it doesn’t have a net for safety. Even with the net, some can even fall off and get hurt. This can attract unplanned vet bills.

Your best bet is to let them jump around with care so they can stay protected.

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Benefits of Dog Using a Trampoline

There are many benefits of having a dog on a trampoline. Some of which include:

1). Workout for the Dog

Just like humans, dogs need exercise too. Exercise is good for the overall physical well-being of your dog.

If you are a person who takes your dog to the park for workouts, you can easily blend trampoline exercise with that if you have one in your yard.

You can even add one of their favorite toys or balls inside the trampoline for them to have more fun.

Dog trampoline play is one of the great ways to get your dog’s heart rate up. Dogs that like trampoline exercise love it while those that don’t like it. Do not!.

2). Help Burn Energy

Most dogs are always bursting with a lot of energy. You must as well let them burn it on the trampoline. If not you will have to walk for a long time for them to get that energy off and be satisfied.

Generally, trampolines are loved by dogs because they like the idea of jumping and running around on the bouncy surface.

3). Fun for the Dogs

Just like kids jumping on the trampoline for fun, dogs also like having fun on it.  They like having fun just like humans. That’s why you will see dogs swimming in a pool or running around doing other activities.

Can Dogs Damage Trampolines?

Dogs can cause damage to your trampoline badly. They may be unlikely to cause damage to the metallic parts of it. But they can certainly damage the padding, mat, and even the net. It is a good idea to keep them away from trampolines.

The dog nails can potentially punch holes on the trampoline mat especially if the mat is old and worn out because of UV light. This can cause the mat to get torn quickly.

The vinyl padding covering the springs can also appear enjoyable to them to chew. Over the past decades, this padding has improved to much more resistance to chewing from dogs than in the past.

Any soft padding on the trampoline is chewable by the dogs. Just protect and keep an eye on them.

dog jumping on a trampoline

Is There a Dog Proof Trampoline?

There are ways to make your trampoline dog-proof. Dogs can either chew on the soft parts of the trampoline or their claws can punch holes in it. But not to worry.

There are ways to dog-proof your trampoline. These include:

  • You can choose to put a safety net so your dog won’t jump on the trampoline itself.
  • Another possible solution is to purchase a trampoline skirt. This will prevent the dog from going underneath the trampoline when it is in use. It also prevents them from chewing the different soft parts of it.
  • Thirdly, you can simply put a fence around the trampoline to prevent the dogs from getting to it.
  • Finally, you can train the dog to stay away from the trampoline. Though this may take time but is the cheapest option.

How to Teach Dogs How to Jump on a Trampoline

If you’re wondering whether it is possible to train a dog to jump on a trampoline. This is the cheapest way to protect your trampoline.

It will take a bit longer but dogs are trainable and with these steps, you can get your dog to do what you want it to do.

  1. First, let the dog get used to the trampoline.
  2. Get your dog’s favorite toy and take it with you into the trampoline with the dog
  3. Get your dog to get used to the trampoline surface without jumping by playing on the surface
  4. You can now add a bit of bouncing to the playing. The bouncing should be small to avoid scaring or hurting the dog
  5. Now let the dog bounce on its own
  6. Reinforce your training every day

What is a Trampoline Bed for a Dog

Trampoline beds for dogs aren’t necessarily some sort of small trampolines made specifically for dogs. But instead, they have raised beds that look like tiny trampolines with no real bounciness to them.

They are beds that are elevated for dogs with metal or wood. They mostly have soft fabric that is stretched over the frame giving the dog a little flexible comfort. They are not meant to be bouncy.

The main purpose of these elevated beds for dogs is to give the dog some comfort and to stop fleas from infesting the bed.
These beds come in a variety of elevations and you need to choose the height that your dog will be comfortable with.
You can accessorize the bed for your dog by adding mesh fabric, pillow, and blankets to make your dog feel more comfortable.

Do Dogs Like Trampoline Beds?

Generally, the answer to that question is Yes. Most dogs like trampoline beds but it will all depend on your dog. Some dogs may not like it.

At the very least, here are some benefits of dogs using a trampoline bed.

  • It keeps the dog at a comfortable temperature, especially during hot days by allowing cold here to pass through the fabric.
  • The elevated dog bed also provides support for the dog and you can adjust it to fit your dog’s needs
  • These dogs are difficult for the dogs to destroy because they don’t have foam padding
  • You can easily clean them as well because you don’t have to clean them in a machine

Best Trampoline Beds for Dogs

There are many trampoline beds in the market that you can choose from. But elevated beds for dogs are just getting the needed exposure in recent years.

With many brands now in the market, here are our top-rated elevated beds for dogs for your consideration.

1). Petmaker Elevated Dog Bed

This Petmaker raised dog bed offers ventilation through its large mesh panel and body temperature regulation for your pet. Because this keeps them off the cold floors, ground, and the hot pavement.

It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The bed is weather-resistant and has non-slip rubber feet making it stable for both indoors and outdoor.

Petmaker Elevated Dog Bed

There are different sizes to choose from ranging from small to large and also different colors as well.

It is easy to clean either by handwashing with cold water or using the water hose. You can use mild soap or fabric softener on it but do not bleach it.

These trampoline beds for dogs can support any weight all the way up to 80Ib. You can easily carry it because of its portability and lightweight.


  • Helps cool your dog
  • Holds lots of weight
  • Weather resistant
  • ​Comes in 5 sizes
  • ​Rip resistant
  • Good support


  • Some parts may be missing

2). SUPERJAREX X Large Outdoor Dog Bed Trampoline with Canopy

If you are looking for a dog trampoline bed with a canopy or sunshade, then this is one of the best options on the market.

It’s an outdoor elevated dog bed with a canopy that protects your dog from excessive sun and rain.

SUPERJAREX X Large Outdoor Dog Bed Trampoline with Canopy

Made of sturdy, durable 1680D Oxford fabric and steel frame, which mean that this exquisite pet bed can hold up to 120 lbs. There are two sizes to choose from. The large and X large sizes and there are five different colors to choose from.

The Assembly of this elevated dog bed is simple and easy. You do not need any tools to put it together. Just a few minutes of your time placing the legs where they need to go and you are done.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Holds over 120Ibs
  • Protects your dog from the sun
  • ​Withstands claws
  • Has its own carrying bag


  • A little difficult to assemble
  • Not all dogs may like it
  • May not protect dogs from the rain

Final Thoughts on Dogs Jumping on a Trampoline

If you have been asking yourself if dogs can jump on a trampoline? there you have it. There are many dogs that would jump with joy if you put them on the trampoline. While others may not be excited about the idea.

So it’s up to you to train your dog to enjoy jumping on the trampoline. But if your dog is trampoline phobia, then it’s better to live it alone.

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