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Do Hot Tub Floating Thermal Blankets Work?

do hot tub thermal blankets work

Wondering if hot tub floating thermal blankets work?. Well, we all love the benefits that come with soaking yourself in a hot tub. Don’t we?.

But I guess nobody likes the added electricity bill that you have to pay every month. So, how do you cut down the cost of hot tub electricity consumption?.

Floating thermal blankets are marketed as a way to cut down costs while retaining the tub heat at optimum for you to enjoy your baths.

There is a lot more to hot tub thermal blankets than you may already know. In this article, you can expect to learn the following:

  • What a hot tub or spa thermal blanket is
  • How does a hot tub thermal blanket work
  • What are the best hot tub blankets
  • How do I make hot tub more energy efficient
  • Benefits of hot tub blankets
  • And More…

What is a Hot Tub or Spa Blanket?

A hot tub blanket is basically a thick plastic sheet that is cut to perfectly cover the surface of the hot tub. It usually floats on the surface of the water.

do hot tub thermal blankets work

It acts as insulation underneath your normal hot tub cover, retaining as much heat as possible. In other words, the tub hardcover is responsible for keeping cold air out and the thermal blanket keeps warm air in the hot tub.

In so doing, the temperature of the hot tub is maintained. This prevents reheating and thereby lowering your energy cost.

Hot tub blankets are best suitable for those who want to enjoy their hot tub during the cold seasons especially winter.

The water gets really cold in winter and it can get a lot of energy to heat it up, and if the heat is not maintained during cold weather through insulation, the heat can easily be lost.

That’s why any hot tub owner who is energy conscious, look to a spa blanket as a solution.

But you may also wonder if you can use a hot tub thermal blanket in summer, well, the high temperature during the sunny days in conjunction with the heat retaining ability of the spa blanket will help raise the water temperature and save you from using a heating system.

Hot tub blankets can be purchase from any hot tub supply shop or online. These blankets are a lot more suitable for hard-sided tubs but they can also be used on inflatable hot tubs.

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Do Hot Tub Blankets Actually Work?

If I must answer this question as a yes or no answer, the answer will be YES. But spa blankets effectiveness is dependent on these factors:

  • How cold it gets where you live
  • What temperature do you set your hot tub to

In areas where it gets really cold or freezing during the winter season, the effectiveness of the thermal blanket will definitely be noticeable and helpful.

But it may not be the same if you live in an area where the temperature doesn’t get that low.

floating thermal hot tub blanket

Benefits of Using a Spa Blanket

Thermal hot tub blanket has many benefits including saving energy and paying for itself through reduced energy costs and improved cover life. It’s perfect for all above-ground and in-ground spas.

Here are some benefits to keep you motivated in getting one.

Lower Hot Tub Chemical Costs

Every hot tub owner knows he/she must sanitize the water from time to time with sanitizing chemicals like chlorine or bromine. This ensures the water is clean and ready for relaxing in.

However, a lot of these chemicals get lost through evaporation and the water that escapes through the seams of the hot tub cover.

Using a spa thermal blanket will help reduce the level of evaporation and therefore minimize the number of times you add chemicals to the tub. This in turn lowers the amount you spend on chemicals for this purpose.

Lower Hot Tub Heating Costs

This is the main purpose of using a floating thermal blanket for hot tub. A thermal blanket will reduce the heat loss from your hot tub by up to 95%, which is really good especially during the cold winter days when the tub is prone to heat loss.

Thermal hot tub cover saves you on energy costs because the heat has to work twice as hard to make up for the heat loss and heat also travels faster through moist air than in dry air.

The floating thermal blanket acts as an insulating medium between the water and the hot tub cover to reduce heat loss.

Save Your Hot Tub Cover

Most hot tub covers absorb the chemicals and water that evaporates through the hot tub. This makes them prone to damage. If this eventually happens, you will be forced to replace to hot tub cover and that will mean extra expenses.

Using a spa thermal blanket as a medium between the water and the cover will help to prevent waterlogging and extend the life of your hot tub cover.

What are the Best Hot Tub Blankets?

There are a couple of high-quality hot tub blankets in the market. But when I say the best hot tub blanket, it depends on the kind of hot tub you own.

Here are two kinds I found on Amazon that may fit your hot tub.

 Spa Depot  8′ x 8′  16 Mil Spa and Hot Tub Thermal Bubble Floating Blanket

This product is reviewed by hundreds of people with most testifying that it is a good quality product that is able to reduce evaporation heat loss up to 95%. some customers even stated after using this thermal blanket, they have not heated their hot tub for weeks.

 Spa Depot  8′ x 8′  16 Mil Spa and Hot Tub Thermal Bubble Floating Blanket

It is made of heavy-duty material that is long lasting and it can easily be cut to fit the exact shape of your hot tub. This cover also protects the spa cover from water absorption.

How Much Electricity Does a Floating Thermal Blanket Save You?

Most thermal blankets for hot tubs will reduce the heat loss due to evaporation by 95%.

And considering that the average tub owner spends about $20 – $30 a month on electricity, if you do the maths, you will realize that a spa blanket will cut this cost down to about less than $10 per month.

Even if you spend $50 on the thermal blanket, in the end, it will save you a lot of money for years to come.

How Can I Make My Hot Tub More Energy Efficient?

Besides using a hot tub thermal blanket to reduce heating costs, there are other ways you can make your hot tub more energy efficient and cut down costs of running it. These include:

  • Fix Leaks: When new, most hot tubs are well insulated. But over time, the spray foam insulation commonly found in hot tubs becomes waterlogged and loses its effectiveness. If you notice any leak on the tub, fix it as soon as possible otherwise, the insulation value of the hot tub will be affected.
  • Use Economy Mode: If you are going on vacation or won’t be using the hot tub for some time, it’s good to set the tub to be in economy mode. This way, the spa only heats when the filter is on and this will save you some energy costs.
  • Add Extra Insulation: Most modern hot tubs are very well insulated. That being said, you can generally still do better. Adding insulation around the cabinet of your hot tub allows you both to trap the waste heat created by the pumps and heater and help protect the pumps and heater in case of a power outage.
  • Turn off the jets: It’s nice having the jets on for that massaging effect. But you don’t need to have them on at all times. Turning them off will lower the amount of energy required to keep the tub going.
  • Block Wind: Having some sort of abstraction to block the wind will increase the heat retention and lower the cost of heating the tub up.
  • Make Sure the Hot Tub cover is Tight: Tightening your cover (around the corners) will ensure that cold air doesn’t get inside the tub. This will help keep your tub at an optimal temperature.

Making your hot tub more energy-efficient isn’t that hard.

There are several ways to cut the energy cost down and the above-mentioned tips are just a few. If you do more research, you will find other means of cutting down the energy cost of running your hot tub.

Final Thoughts on Hot Tub Floating Thermal Blankets

Hot tub floating thermal blankets are available in different sizes online or at your local hot tub supply store.

They can help reduce your energy costs by a significant amount. So wherever you are, a thermal blanket will do you more good than harm if you get one for your spa.

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