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How to Install Trampoline Net Successfully

How to Install Trampoline Net

For the safety of your kids, you may want to install a trampoline net. But if you have not installed one before, you may be wondering how to install a trampoline net that will prevent falls.

How to Install Trampoline Net

How to Install a Trampoline Net?

Adding a trampoline safety net may appear like a daunting task, but if you actually take your time, it’s not complicated as you may think. It won’t take a lot of time if you follow the installation instructions.

But if you’re not familiar with a trampoline safety net, here is what it is.

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What is a Trampoline Safety Net?

An enclosure safety net is a mandatory trampoline tool. It is a net that is put around a trampoline to reduce the chances of falling jumpers outside of the trampoline bed itself.

The net is mostly made of quality synthetic material, that assures sturdiness and durability. The padded metal tubes of the net help it to stretch the net widely without crinkles.

According to a survey over 100,000 accidents occur from people falling from the trampoline while jumping. A lot of the ties these falls result in injuries, especially to children.

That’s why it is recommended that the number of people jumping on the trampoline should not exceed the maximum number stated by the manufacturer.

If more people happen to jump at once than recommended, then a safety net helps a lot by people grabbing onto the net itself.

The safety enclosure net also prevents the jumpers from hitting the metal directly.

In addition, a safety enclosure net also prevents the jumpers from hitting on the metal frame directly.

1). Pole Assembly

Before you can install the trampoline net, you will first need to install poles to hold the net firm in a secure shape. There are two pole types for trampoline netting; straight poles and curved poles.

For the straight poles setup, you will need to use the ones that are tapered for the lower poles. For curved poles, you will need to use the curved poles as the upper poles.

You will need to clasp the lower enclosure pole into the clamp( rounded end). Let the rubber cap on the pole to face downward.

Next insert the pole into the clamp and fix the plastic bracket until it reaches the pole. When this is done, the mark on the lower pole will be aligned with the frame. In case your pole doesn’t have a mark on it, insert the pole until it is 18″ below the frame.

Generally, you get two poles per pole. One goes 2” below the frame and the other is attached 2” above the end of the bottom pole.

Finally, you need to clasp the leg of the trampoline into the clamp and make sure it is secure using nuts and brackets. Repeat these steps for all poles.

When all poles are securely connected to the legs, cover them with the PVC sleeves and insert the pole caps.

2). Secure the Net in Place

After installing the poles, it’s time to secure the net in place. For straight poles, you will use C-type pole caps and hook the straps into these. For a ring-on-top enclosure, you either wrap the straps around plain pole caps or connect the straps around the arches.

Finally, it’s time to secure the bottom of the net in place. Connect the net to the V-rings of the trampoline mat.

Knot the rope to the V-ring that is closest to the entrance zipper. Take the rope and weave it through the net as well as every other ring, moving away from the zipper.

When you reach the other end of the net, secure the rope in the same fashion as you did at the start.

Should the Trampoline Net be Inside or Outside the Springs?

It is recommended that you purchase a safety net that is attachable outside of the springs instead inside. Although this may seem counterintuitive to the fear of injury from the springs themselves.

However, more safety hazards are presented by the safety net being attached inside the springs.

This is because when bouncers jump into the net, there is a possibility of them hitting the frame and springs instead of being guided back to the mat.

Also, if the number of jumpers are many, the spring pads can be used as a rest area for the kids.

How to Secure the Bottom of the Net on the Trampoline

Securing the bottom of the net on the trampoline involves securing the bottom of the net to the bungees sticking out of the top of the pad between each set of poles.

Ensure that the bungee is wrapped around the bottom strap of the net and not the net itself. The bottom of the net can be two to three inches above the pad but should not be higher when you finish tying the knots.

You should tie the knots in square shapes to hold the net down. Repeat this process between all the remaining poles.

How to Put a Net on 14ft Trampoline

The process is basically the same for all trampolines with the process described above. Just that you may have more poles to fix depending on the size of the trampoline.

How to Take Apart a Trampoline Safety Net

It is easier to take down the trampoline net than to put it up. Though the nets look slightly different, the process to take apart a trampoline safety net is basically the same.

And  the steps are as follows:

Firstly, if the poles are attached directly to the frame, you can easily pop them off easily. To prevent entanglement, lay the poles towards the center of the trampoline while making your way around the trampoline.

If the net is attached at the bottom, you can slide the net off the poles and also check if there are safety pins at the tops of the poles, then you can undo those as well.

Remember to put the pins back into the net after removing them so that they don’t get lost.

Once you’re done removing the net, put the net and poles together in a safe place.

How to Thread Trampoline Net

Just like any net, a trampoline net can also get holes in it that might require repairs.  you can stitch up the hole using a heavy-duty upholstery thread.

you can easily find this thread in any craft or hardware store. Go this route, if sowing it up is the only way out. otherwise, it’s better to replace it with a new one.

Well, let’s go back to the threading.  Create a knot in your thread, make sure that the knot is big enough not to slip through the holes of the netting.

Then weave back and forth with the thread every ½ inch, moving up the hole.

Tighten the thread as you go and tie a knot again at the top.

Final Thoughts on Installing a Trampoline Net

installing a trampoline in your backyard is a great way for the family to exercise and have fun. They can be used by people of all ages.

But without netting, a lot of accidents can happen and they can be avoided by installing a safety net.

With these tips and the net manual, you can successfully install your trampoline net.

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