How to Stop a Swing Set from Swaying

Looking for how to stop a swing set from swaying?. Swing sets are fun for the kids. They encourage the kids to have great outdoor time and avoid boredom. Even adults can have fun with swing sets.

But having a swing set that sways back and forth can be problematic and pose danger to the children playing on it. It is important to keep the swing set stable as much as possible to avoid fatal injuries.

Whether your swing set is swaying because of old age or wind and weather-related issues, a swing set that sways can be fixed.

how to stop a swing set from swaying

Before we can find solutions to the problem, we first need to know the reasons why the swing set is swaying.

Why is My Swing Set Swaying?

There are a couple of problems that could be responsible for your swing set swaying. You need to first identify the cause before you start fixing the problem. Here are some of the possible causes of swing set swaying.

  • Loose joints
  • Bent posts
  • Poor support from the ground
  • Uneven base
  • The frame is too short and can’t handle the weight of kids.
  • Missing bolts or nuts on the swing set
  • Poor balance between posts
  • Material weakness

How to Make a Swing Set More Sturdy and Stop Swaying

Below, we will tackle each swing set sway cause and the possible way to fix the problem.

Fix loose Joints

One of the causes of swing set swaying is loose joints. Check for any loose connections by taking off the bolts where they attach to the posts and tighten with an adjustable wrench or cut them with a hacksaw.

To inspect the joints, you will want to go one by one. Locate all of the nuts and bolts on the swing set. This includes looking for them at the poles, crossbars connecting the legs of the swings, etc.

Sometimes, the loose joints are not visible. So you will need to shake the section.

Adjust all bolts and nuts till they are tight. If after tightening all the joints, you still experience loose joints, then it’s time to change the hardware because some metal pieces can handle wear and tear.

Add Washers and Nuts to Keep Things Tight

As we just mentioned above about fixing bolts and nuts, adding washers will make things tigher. You can place a washer and nut on either end of your bolts which are holding up the swing set’s weight.

The washers and nuts will prevent them from moving sideways while the kids are swinging. This helps to keep your swing more secure during changing weather conditions.

Add a Support Beam to the Top of the Swing Set

Adding a support beam to the top of the swing set help make it durable by catching and holding up the swing set’s weight.

This is a simple fix that doesn’t require any tools or expertise. It just takes your time.

This project will need two long pieces of wood. One-piece will be longer than the other about an inch but not too much it creates a steep angle with the ground.

You want a slope that gradually increases until it meets at about 20 inches in length from where they start off on either end.

But the second piece of wood needs to be shorter than the first. Now nail them together while slightly angling everything upwards towards their higher point, which will correspond directly to the top of your swing set.

It is recommended to use a galvanized nail for this task as its more resistant to rusting.

Add Braces on Each Side for Stability

To add the braces, you need to do so on the outside corners of the swing set by using a long sturdy piece of wood to connect them together. This will help to keep the swing more secure and prevent swaying from side to side when people are swinging on it or when a strong wind comes.

You can do this in areas that you feel will improve the swing stability.

Pressure-treated wood is great for this type of project because it’s been treated to withstand various environmental factors like rain, snow, and ice.

This type of wood is also more resistant to rotting because they contain chemicals that make the water inside them clot together instead of seeping into the wood fibers.

This will make your project last longer and you will also need little maintenance on it. It is recommended that you use this type of wood or a similar one if you want to create braces.

How to Protect the Swing Set Against Strong Winds

Strong winds can also affect the stability of your swing causing it to start swaying from side to side. In case of such an occurrence, here are some tips to help you out.

Use a bungee cord on each side of the swing set to help secure it against strong winds. Using a bungee cord is one of the quickest ways to stabilize a flexing swing set.

All you need to do is to attach a bungee cord to each side of your swing set. You can also make use of chains, rope, etc.

Put sandbags around the base of the swing set to stabilize it. Sandbags are heavy and can act as strong support for a swing set base.

You can also use bricks, cinder blocks, or even large stones if that’s what comes in handy. Anything heavy enough can make an impact in stabilizing the swing against strong winds.

Place  Large Logs or Rocks Under Swing Sets Legs for Support

With stabilizing the swing set base, you can also use logs or even rocks and place them under the swing set base to give it stability. However, you want to be careful not to make it too high such that it will obstruct the kids when they are playing.

Add Wind Shield in the form of canopy or overhang to help shield it away from wind gusts.

If you live in an environment that is prone to wind, then you need a canopy and windshield around your swing set to prevent it from swaying.

If you have more than one kid playing with the swingset at once, then this is also important since their combined weight can make things difficult without something overhead that’s capable of protecting them all together.

What is the Standard Height of a Swing Set?

The standard height of a swing set is 5-7 feet. Anything higher than this will be susceptible to wind damage and can’t handle the weight of several children playing on it at once without something overhead for protection.

How to Anchor a Wooden Swing Set without Using Concrete

A wooden swing set can be best anchored to the ground using twist-in anchors. They are easy to install and can be nailed into the ground without damaging the wood.

You can easily get these anchors at your home improvement store or online. You can learn a lot more about anchoring a swing set in this article on how to anchor a swing set.

Final Thoughts on How to Stop a Swing Set from Swaying

A swing set swaying or flexing is a common issue that most swing set owners or users face. But with these tips, you can solve this problem.

The only challenge that you can face would be identifying the cause of your swing set swaying and then seeking out the best way to solve the problem.

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